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Clinical-Grade Blood Sampling

TAP® Micro Select takes the pain out of blood sampling

TAP® Micro Select can be used for producing whole capillary blood samples, providing laboratories, clinicians, and patients alike with a wealth of benefits and opportunities.

With high concordance demonstrated with venous blood in many commonly requested tests, TAP® Micro Select is able to deliver a superior and virtually pain-free collection experience for patients1.

Benefits to Clinicians and Laboratories

Achieves high-volume, high-quality blood samples

Users can obtain up to 900µL of whole capillary blood in a virtually painless blood draw2, improving adherence to diagnostic protocols. Blood samples collected with TAP® devices are highly concordant with venous blood for most use cases. For broad-based tests, such as cholesterol, the concordance with venous samples is significant1.

Drives Innovation in Laboratory Services

Virtually painless blood sampling supports emerging innovative healthcare models, such as digital health and telemedicine, that are designed to improve access to early diagnoses and give a competitive advantage to early adopters.

Provides Economic Advantage

TAP® Micro Select is easy to use and does not require a phlebotomist, which can help laboratories maintain continuity and operations during phlebotomist shortages or scheduling complications, as well as help eliminate the need for costly phlebotomy services for blood collections by instead providing patients with a superior, virtually pain-free blood draw experience.

How TAP® Micro Select Works

Traditional blood draw methods like standard needles and lancets cause substantial pain and inconvenience to many patients and pose a significant deterrent to testing in some patient populations. TAP® Micro Select overcomes these barriers thanks to the bladeless microneedle array of our HALO™ Technology.

With microneedles thinner than an eyelash, the HALO™ Technology enables the TAP® Micro Select to deliver a virtually painless blood sampling experience compared to fingerstick, venipuncture, and competitive products3. TAP® Micro Select is FDA 510(k) cleared for use within the United States, and has received CE Marking for at-home and lay-person use within the EU.

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