Currently, YourBio Health products are only available in the UK
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To know or not to know.
That is the question.

COVID-19 protective antibody levels can decrease over time, leaving you vulnerable to infection.

Testing and monitoring your personal levels can help you make informed decisions for yourself and those you love

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What will you learn?

YourBio Health results show your level of COVID-19 protective antibodies, on a sliding scale, or if you have none.

Regular testing enables you to see your level of antibodies over time. YourBio Health uses a Roche test which evaluates antibody response to both vaccine and/or natural infection.

We believe this important health data can help you make informed decisions about you and your loved ones’ activities and risk of exposure.

How It Works

3 simple steps. Results in as little as 4 days.

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Request your COVID-19 antibody test kit by clicking here

It will arrive in 2 days.

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Collect and return your sample

Collect your blood sample and return it in the 24-hour pre-paid package in your kit.

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Receive your test results

Access your results online 24 hours after the lab receives your sample.

Consider testing again 3 - 4 months later to know if your levels are stable or declining.

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It was completely painless, the only sensation I felt being the light pressure on the arm as the button was pressed to initiate the blood draw process.

Jason P.

This was absolutely painless! Which really surprised me, I’ve got a slight marked ring left on my arm afterwards but so much better than an injection or finger prick.

Nicky B.

The device was very simple to use and not painful at all. A clever and easy way of being able to collect blood quickly and easily, and all from your own home.

Paula D.