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Taking the Pain Out of Blood Collection

YourBio Heath is a medical device company dedicated to improving the blood draw experience.

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Our team designed and developed Touch Activated Phlebotomy (TAP®), the world’s first push-button blood collection technology that enables TAP® Micro and TAP® Micro Select devices to make the blood sampling process simple, convenient, and virtually painless.

Touch Activated Phlebotomy (TAP®) Devices

Our TAP® devices produce high-quality, whole blood samples of up to 900µL through push-button activated, virtually painless capillary blood collection. Our devices facilitate opportunities to replace traditional phlebotomist-conducted venous blood collection or painful fingerstick tests in many collection applications.

HALO™ Technology

With microneedles thinner than an eyelash, HALO™ technology enables TAP® devices to deliver a virtually painless blood collection experience compared to fingerstick, venipuncture, and competitive products.

  • Discover how the proprietary HALO™ Technology enables virtually painless blood draws Learn More

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Up to 900µL of Whole Capillary Blood

Our HALO™ Technology enables patients to collect up to 900µL of blood, accommodating a broad range of standard blood tests1

Up to 99% Collection Success Rate

Our devices are end-user preferred, virtually painless, and yield up to a 99% collection success rate2

200% Increase in Patient Retention/Completion Rates in Clinical Trials

Significantly higher completion rates in clinical trials when compared to fingerstick3

98% of Patients Would Repeat Self-Collection

When asked if they would repeat their self-collection experience with TAP® Micro, 98% of patient respondents responded “yes”4

High Venous Concordance

For broad-based tests, such as cholesterol, capillary blood samples collected in both an assisted and self-collection setting have high concordance with venous blood5

Transformative Impact for Patients

Patients go to the doctor more than 1 billion times a year in the US alone to have their blood drawn with a needle6, which requires an in-person interaction and often causes anxiety and discomfort for the patient.

Now, patients can simply place the device on their upper arm and begin collecting blood with the press of a button. This innovation is a game-changer for the healthcare system, and while we feel TAP® devices will improve patients’ lives in multiple arenas, this approach has strong applications for:

Clinical Trial Support

By enabling patients to draw up to 900µL of blood virtually pain-free remotely, our TAP® devices offer significant advantages for drug sponsors seeking to conduct decentralized trials.

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Wellness Testing

Incorporating TAP® devices into wellness kits helps wellness innovators improve customer loyalty and enhance feedback thanks to the devices’ ability to enable a virtually pain-free blood test at home.

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Clinical-Grade Blood Sampling

TAP® Micro Select enables providers to conveniently produce whole capillary blood that has high concordance with venous blood6.

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Latest Research and Highlights

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  • TAP® + Illumina NGS Platform enables High Quality Whole Exome Sequencing

    Use of TAP Point of Care Blood Collection Device for High-Quality Germline Whole Exome Sequencing on Illumina NGS Platforms with the Twist Bioscience Human Core WES Kit

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  • Enable remote access multiomics with just one TAP®

    Use of TAP Point of Care Blood Collection Device for Targeted Proteomics with the Olink Target 96 Cardiovascular II Panel Using Proximity Extension Assay Technology.

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  • TAP® technology shows promise for early, precise Alzheimer’s monitoring via biomarkers

    Use of the TAP Point of Care Blood Collection Device for Biomarker Assessments on the Quanterix Simoa HD-X Platform: Initial Feasibility for Plasma Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease Detection.

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News and Press Releases

Discover the latest studies and reports published on our devices and solutions.

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