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YourBio Health Congratulates Myriad Genetics on One Million Sales of SneakPeek® Tests Enabled by YourBio’s Virtually Painless TAP Technology

Medford, MA (USA) – May 2, 2024 –– YourBio Health, a Boston-based pioneer in remote, capillary whole blood collection technology, congratulates Myriad Genetics for having sold one million of its leading SneakPeek® Tests. Since 2021, YourBio Health is pleased to have contributed over half a million of its revolutionary TAP® technology products in support of SneakPeek®. By incorporating TAP®, Myriad Genetics is able to provide a virtually painless sampling option for their customers in their SneakPeek® at-home test kits. 

“Exclusively partnering with YourBio Health to provide at-home blood collection for early gender testing has been instrumental in helping Myriad Genetics reach our one million sales milestone of SneakPeek Snap® early gender reveal tests,” said Melissa Gonzales, president of Women’s Health, Myriad Genetics. “The TAP® Micro Select device may be ideally suited for wellness companies that wish to offer convenient at-home blood testing for other conditions analogous to Myriad’s early gender test. This device is easy for expectant mothers to use, and causes virtually no pain, which drastically improves the user experience. In addition, blood collected using TAP® devices is of better quality than that from finger sticks, which improves success rates and reduces product failures and returns.”

YourBio Health’s TAP® technology enables easy sampling of up to 900µL of high-quality, whole capillary blood in their own homes. Patients feel virtually no pain due to YourBio’s patented HALO™ Technology and unique bladeless microneedle array. Remote, capillary sampling offers the opportunity to replace traditional venous blood collection through phlebotomy in many applications, contributing to product appeal in wellness test applications and leading to significant advantages in decentralized clinical trial design. 

SneakPeek is available at Amazon,, and in-store at a leading retailer. Harry Wilcox, Chief Executive Officer of YourBio Health, said, “YourBio Health is delighted to support Myriad’s efforts to enable access to wellness blood testing results at home. TAP® technology combined with SneakPeek® expands access to affordable and convenient testing that patients can easily use, virtually pain free, in the comfort of their own home.”  

TAP® technology is ideally suited for wellness companies like Myriad that wish to offer convenient at-home blood sampling. TAP® products are easy to use and cause virtually no pain, which drastically improves the user experience. Remote sampling enabled by TAP® technology supports a fully online business model and extends the potential customer pool to anywhere with internet access and a shipping address. 

TAP® technology produces high-quality blood samples in high volumes, which can be processed at any central lab. YourBio Health does not conduct testing but holds patents on the products and offers a range of complementary services, including sample tracking, which can be customized for a broad range of clinical trials, wellness, and clinical-grade blood sampling.

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About YourBio Health

YourBio Health is a Flagship Pioneering portfolio company that invented ‘Touch-Activated Phlebotomy’ (TAP®) for virtually painless whole capillary blood collection using devices incorporating patented technology. This technology eliminates barriers to blood collection by allowing a capillary blood sample to be collected from any physical location without the pain of a fingerstick or the need for traditional phlebotomy. Backed by the latest science, data management technology, and certified central laboratories, YourBio Health is seeking to revolutionize and humanize the blood collection process serving clinical trials and diagnostic and wellness applications.

The TAP® technology incorporated in SneakPeek® is intended for general wellness testing for wellness monitoring, informational, and educational use. It is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease and is not intended to be a substitute for seeking professional medical advice, help, diagnosis, or treatment.

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