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HumanPeople Incorporate TAP II for Home Collection of Blood Samples

Our customer HumanPeople, a UK based personalized health company, announced plans to enhance their service by integrating TAP II, following our recent CE Mark.

We are thrilled to see TAP II, the blood collection product we designed, solving problems for them. Below are a few lines from their post highlighting how TAP II helped HumanPeople improve their customer experience and efficiencies.

“During the pilot we came across a number of issues that we had to address, but without doubt the biggest challenge was home blood testing. Finger prick tests don’t work well enough. Midway through our trial we abandoned finger prick tests due to the high failure rate.”

“Since using the new blood device we have had a 100% success in tests and very positive feedback!”

Read more about HumanPeople’s plans:

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About YourBio Health

YourBio Health is a Flagship Pioneering portfolio company that invented ‘Touch-Activated Phlebotomy’ (TAP) for virtually painless whole capillary blood collection using devices incorporating patented technology. This technology eliminates barriers to blood collection by allowing a capillary blood sample to be collected from any physical location without the pain of a fingerstick or the need for traditional phlebotomy. Backed by the latest sciences, data management technology, and certified central laboratories, YourBio Health is seeking to revolutionize and humanize the blood collection process serving clinical trials, and diagnostic and wellness applications.

Media Contact:
Connor Halverson
That’s Nice LLC, on behalf of YourBio Health
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