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Seventh Sense Blood Collection Technology Key Part of Gateway Genomics’ SneakPeek Snap for Gender DNA Test

June 29th, 2021

Making blood collection simpler, more convenient, and more comfortable. That’s our mission, and we are thrilled to share that our partner, Gateway Genomics, is leveraging our TAP II blood collection technology in its product offering, the SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test. Called SneakPeek Snap, the blood collection device is included as part of the SneakPeek at-home blood collection kit.

Early feedback from users shows they are excitedly on board with a better way to collect blood. A study published in the International Journal of Pregnancy & Child Birth showed that when comparing a traditional fingerstick lancet method with the new SneakPeek Snap for blood collection:

  • 90% of participants found SneakPeek Snap to be painless, versus 22% for lancet
  • 90% of participants found SneakPeek Snap to be easy to use, versus 40% for lancet
  • 89% of Snap users collected blood in under 4 minutes, versus 66% for lancet

In addition to being painless, easy to use and fast, the accuracy of the SneakPeek test for fetal sex determination with Snap collected samples was over 99%, in line with a previous publication determining Sneakpeek Early Gender DNA Test to be 99.9% accurate.

“Our partnership with Seventh Sense Biosystems has allowed us to elevate the customer experience for mothers using our SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test,” says Gateway Genomics CEO, Chris Jacob. “Now our customers can collect a blood sample with the ease of the SneakPeek Snap that is more comfortable and easier to use than a traditional lancet. This innovation from Seventh Sense provides our customers with a blood collection alternative that is virtually painless, accurate and convenient. We’re thrilled to partner with them on this venture.”

We are proud to partner with companies to help improve the experience of blood collection in their customer products. Patients have their blood drawn more than a billion times a year with a needle or finger lancet, which often require an in-person interaction and cause anxiety and discomfort for the patient.

That’s why we are committed to disrupting the industry and making the blood collection process simple, convenient, and more comfortable.

Read more about the launch of SneakPeek Snap here. If you would like to learn more about how Seventh Sense’s products and people can help your business succeed, you are invited to get in touch.

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