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How The Kit Works

Forget about finger pricks and blood tests at your hospital or lab, the traditional methods of collecting blood. That’s not what we do. Each of our kits uses TAP, a patent-protected blood collection device that makes the process easy and painless.

Fingertips are a sensitive area. To minimize discomfort, TAP is designed to be placed on the upper arm and draws the blood sample from a layer of skin that avoids pain. Once in position, activating the device is as simple as pressing a button. A single press sends and retracts needles thinner than eyelashes into the skin. The entire process of collecting a sample is mess-free and takes only 2 minutes to complete.

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COVID-19 Antibody Test Kit

Has your immune system responded to a COVID-19 infection or vaccination by developing antibodies? It’s an important question that affects all areas of your life and our test kit will answer it. Our at-home COVID-19 antibody test makes it easy to determine if you have antibodies from previous exposure to the virus or the vaccine.

It’s so easy and painless to use, that you can check your antibody levels any time you want and our portal will help you keep track of how your personal levels are changing.

What’s Included in the Test Kit

  • Instructions
  • TAP Sample Collection Device
  • Collection Supplies
  • Prepaid Shipping Supplies
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How To Video

Follow these simple steps to collect a sample with the TAP device.

Results Through YourBio Health Portal

Review your YourBio Health information anywhere, any time.

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Access stored test results securely in your personal account.

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Inform health decisions by viewing your results at any time.

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One location to easily monitor and compare your results to your previous tests.

Any Questions?

See detailed answers to our most commonly asked questions.