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To know or not to know.
That is the question.

COVID-19 protective antibody levels can decrease over time, leaving you vulnerable to infection.

Testing and monitoring your personal levels can help you make informed decisions for yourself

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What will you learn?

YourBio Health results show your level of COVID-19 protective antibodies, on a sliding scale, or if you have none.

Regular testing enables you to see your level of antibodies over time. YourBio Health uses a Roche test which evaluates antibody response to both vaccine and/or natural infection.

We believe this important health data can help you make informed decisions about you and your loved ones’ activities and risk of exposure.

Getting the Right Test

Determine the COrrect Test

Because there are different types of COVID-19 antibodies-including the spike (S) or nuclenocapsid (N) proteins-you want to ensure you get the right antibody test to answer the questions you may have regarding your levels following infection or the vaccine.

Accurate Antibody Count

Our kit tests for the CODVID-19 spike S protein antibody. These S-Proteins have been shown to have neutralizing effects-hence, current vaccines are designed to elicit the body's production of these specific proteins. If you take a different antibody test, such as one which identifies N-protein antibodies, the results may not accurately show the number of antibodies produced from your caccination.

Why Roche Diagnostics

Our kits use an S-Protein antibody assay from Roche Diagnostics, the global leader in diagnostic testing. It has 99.5% specificity and 99.8.% specificity making it one of the most accurate and reliable test available on the market.

How It Works

Access your personal health information in 3 simple steps:

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Request your COVID-19 antibody test kit by clicking here

A kit containing everything you need will be shipped directly to you within 2 days.

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Collect and return your sample

Collect your blood sample easily and painlessly with our TAP device and return it in the pre-paid package contained in your kit.

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Receive your test results

You will be notified once your results are available and you can log in to review them any time.

When you do multiple tests, you will be able to compare your result to prior test results.