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Monitor your personal health
painlessly from home

The only lab-based service that provides an at-home painless test for measuring antibodies against COVID-19 from vaccination or illness.

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Why is COVID-19 Antibody
Testing Important to Me?

Have you had COVID-19 or a vaccination? By actively monitoring your COVID-19 antibodies, you’re able to measure your antibody response to the virus which may decline over time.

We make it easy to keep track of you and your loved one’s antibody levels as you make decisions about:

  • How to go about your interactions in daily activities and whether you feel extra caution is appropriate
  • How your antibody levels align with local guidance about vaccines and boosters

As the medical and scientific communities gather and share more information over time, antibody responses may be important to determine if you need another vaccine or booster.

How It Works

Use YourBio Health to access health information in 3 simple steps:

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Request your COVID-19 antibody test kit by clicking here

A kit containing everything you need will be shipped directly to you within 2 days.

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Collect and return your sample

Collect your blood sample easily and painlessly with our TAP device and return it in the 24-hour pre-paid package contained in your kit.

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Receive your test results

Within 24 hours of your sample reaching the lab, you will be notified that your results are available. You can log in to review them any time.

When you do multiple tests, you will be able to compare your result to prior test results.

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It was completely painless, the only sensation I felt being the light pressure on the arm as the button was pressed to initiate the blood draw process.

Jason P.

This was absolutely painless! Which really surprised me, I’ve got a slight marked ring left on my arm afterwards but so much better than an injection or finger prick.

Nicky B.

The device was very simple to use and not painful at all. A clever and easy way of being able to collect blood quickly and easily, and all from your own home.

Paula D.