Currently, YourBio Health products are only available in the UK
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Empowering the people of the world to take control of their health.

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We’re here to put your health in your hands. Our convenient at-home testing makes it easy for you to monitor your personal health information. These test results are a powerful tool when it comes to making informed decisions about how you live your everyday life. That’s why we use the latest science, technology, and certified laboratories to guarantee best-in-class test results. Our goal is for you to feel safe, confident, informed, and in control of your short and long-term health.

The Science Behind YourBio Health

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Our Labs

YourBio Health works with laboratories that hold the highest standards in accreditation and operate with world-class diagnostic tools, ensuring best-in-class results. The tests and equipment we use are the same ones used in NHS Laboratories.

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Our Testing Kits

The YourBio Health Collection Kit uses TAP to collect more blood than standard finger prick or other at-home methods, allowing more tests to be done than the limited number on a smaller sample. A larger sample enables testing to be facilitated through highly sophisticated and gold standard laboratory systems and equipment, which provides more accurate and reliable results.

Highly Accurate Results

YourBio Health uses a highly accurate test from Roche, the largest diagnostics company in the world. Each test is run in a UKAS accredited lab, just like a test your doctor might order.

To be precise, the test sensitivity is 98.8% and its specificity is 99.98%. Sensitivity and specificity are how test accuracy is measured. In this case, the sensitivity means that your test will detect COVID S protein antibodies 98.8% of the time when they are present in your blood. The specificity means that if you do not have COVID antibodies in your blood, your test will correctly show that 99.98% of the time.

In addition, the Roche test measures the amount of antibodies in your blood. Studies are currently being done to assess how your total amount of antibodies and changes in your antibody levels over time may help you make COVID-related health decisions.

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Our Painless Technology

YourBio Health developed and manufactures TAP, a unique device that lets you collect your own sample without the pain of a fingerstick.   

Unlike a painful fingerstick lancet, TAP uses very small microneedles to access capillary blood in your upper arm.  The microneedles are only the width of a human hair and collect blood from capillary vessels in the top layer of your skin, which has fewer nerve endings.  This means you’ll be able to collect blood for your COVID antibody test with virtually no pain.

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Quotes from the Industry

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